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TDI - revisit by TheArtrix

OK. You just left me dumbfounded. As some comments said, "Some toons, should remain tooned" I should say, I kinda agree. Though your style is amazing, it just looks strange to me seeing it in some other way. Honestly, it's amazing. I only agree because Chris kinda creeps me out. Though the color, shadind, background is truly extraordinary. I love this work in many different ways and it's awesome. Though my 'Chris kinda creeps me out' is not meant to hurt your feelings. Long story short, Great job man. No other person can top that the way you did. :) I hope this critique helped. This is my first one. xDxD
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TheArtrix Jan 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for your critique.

Since this is your first critique, may I give you a few pointers.

Your critique seems to mainly focus on "Chris looks creepy", and "some cartoons should remain tooned", briefly touching the actual picture in the middle. Also, I'm not at all hurt by opinions, especially since I made this years ago. Good artists can take criticism.

Also, you're quite generous with the stars with very little to back it up. Sure, I like stars, but it does little in terms of pointing out strengths and weaknesses. Five stars implies perfection, so I use such ratings very sparingly when rating things myself.

Hope that helps you with future critiques.
MurtaghandEragon Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh sorry..... thanks for the pointers! :D This would REALLY help!
TheArtrix Jan 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
No need to apologize, I wouldn't give constructive criticism if I didn't see potential.
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